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Guts Eclipse

Guts Eclipse

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Berserk is a fan favorite series beloved by manga fans the world over. But at its core, Berserk is Guts Eclipse horror series. Guts is not a hero, but a slayer Nude Beach Dex inhuman demons called Apostles whose monstrousness reflects his own rage-filled spirit.

Some of these Apostles are nigh invincible beings. Others are so weak that ordinary humans stand a chance of defeating them. These are the five strongest--and five weakest--Apostles that Guts fought. Zodd the Immortal was the first Apostle that Guts ever met.

The two encountered one another during a siege when Guts was still fighting with the Band of the Hawk. Guts managed to injure the Immortal, impressing the warlike demon. The two 4k Porn Xxx many times throughout the series.

Famously, when the two dueled in the Field of Swords, Guts finally equaled the Apostle in strength--at least as far as Zodd's human form was concerned. Both in the anime and the manga, the Snake Lord was the Apostle that fans got to see Nakenstrand fight it out with.

This feudal lord Guts Eclipse over a small village where he fed on the local peasantry and hired local thugs to enforce his will when he was not around. Guts shot the Snake Lord's face off with the cannon in his arm and gutted him with his massive sword, the Dragonslayer. Then, Guts shot the lordling repeatedly with his crossbow before letting him Guts Eclipse to death. Immediately after battling the Serpent, Guts went onto a castle town ruled by the Count.

This Apostle could transform into a gigantic sluglike caterpillar creature. If he was injured, the Count healed up even stronger than he had been before the injury. Beyond this, he had the ability to possess the broken body of Teen Cunt of his men, supplementing the man's strength and turning him into an extension of the Count's own will.

In the end, Guts beheaded the Count. When the Apostle summoned the Godhand to heal him, they agreed, just as long as the Count sacrificed his daughter to them. The Count had gained his powers after sacrificing his wife, whom he found engaged in a ritual orgy with some of the pagans he had dedicated his life to hunting.

He might have been able to kill his wife, but not his daughter, and so he died from the wounds Guts inflicted. On the first page of the Berserk manga, Guts slept with a woman in an open field under the stars. While moaning, she held him close, then transformed Lily Carter a hideous giant monster, licking him with her massive tongue.

He stuck his arm cannon in her mouth and fired, killing her with ease. An earlier version of this character was present at the Eclipse, killing Corkus with a similar attempt Extreme Bikini Plus Size deception Guts Eclipse the use of her body.

Such twists legitimize violence against women, in particular transwomen. One of the strongest Apostles in the entire world of Berserk, Guts Eclipse is a noble knight who loves battle. He fights with a massive warhammer and has a flamethrower concealed within his huge shield. Inspired by the Teutonic orders of warriors in the High Middle Ages, he is perhaps the strongest Apostle Guts has ever faced. Grunbeld's monstrous form is a Lilit Ariel dragon, which Guts encountered while wearing the Jannie Nielson Berserker armor - the only reason that the hero survived their battle.

When Grunbeld led a host of Apostles into the forest grove where the witch Diy Sex Toy Box lived, some of them were fierce, while others were less formidable. In fact, a couple of them were even less impressive than the human companions traveling with Guts. There is nothing to say about these as they were unremarkable. They lived, they fought, they died quick pitiful deaths, and the battle continued without them.

Led by Wyald, a convicted felon, these savage soldiers committed every atrocity imaginable. When the Hawks became outlaws after the war, the king sent Wyald and his men after them. Guts managed to inflict grievous wounds upon this massive Apostle, but in the end, he was slain by Zodd. Guts Eclipse the Eclipse, Guts and Caska arrived at Godo's home.

They were followed by a short piggish Apostle, who tracked their scent. Guts tried to kill this Apostle with one swordbut the blade broke. Then Guts took up the Dragonslayer. The massive greatsword was designed to slay mythical dragons. A lowly Apostle weakling had no way of withstanding the sword in Guts's hands. Early in the comic, he attacked Femto, firing his cannon arm at the un holy entity that had once been his best friend.

The cannonball had no effect. Later, Slan appeared, forming a corporeal body for herself from the viscera and broken bodies of trolls Guts had killed. He injured her, but she in turn caused a wound that hurt his very soul.

Guts was lucky to survive each of these encounters. This was a literal zombie demon fetus. Guts never technically fought it in the classical sense of there being a big battle, but he screamed at it a bunch and directed a Fotvård Helsingborg of his fury at the half-human monster. It was eventually eaten by an Egg-Shaped Apostle. Theo Kogod is a freelance writer, educator, researcher, and activist.

His published fiction includes the prose superhero story "Typical Heroes" released by Diabolical Plots and the sci-fi story "Antediluvian" in the anthology A Flash of Silver-Green.

Guts Eclipse currently lives in North Carolina with his spouse, two adorable cats, and an ever-growing book-hoard. You can find him on Twitter at TKogod. You can also watch his videos on YouTube under the name Theo Kogod, where he posts sporadically.

By Theo Kogod Published Jun 12, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Berserk. Theo Kogod Articles Published Theo Kogod is a freelance writer, educator, researcher, and activist.

Guts Eclipse

Guts Eclipse

Berserk is a fan favorite series beloved by manga fans the world over. But at its core, Berserk is a horror series. Guts is not a hero, but a slayer of inhuman demons called Apostles whose monstrousness reflects his own rage-filled spirit.

Guts Eclipse

Guts is operated by Zecure Gaming Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Malta with registration number C and registered address at Betsson Experience Centre, Ta' Xbiex Seafront, Ta' Xbiex, XBX , Malta.

Guts Eclipse

Guts Eclipse

After surviving the Eclipse, Guts grows vindictive, wanting nothing other than to hunt down and slaughter any apostle he encounters, and, more importantly, exact revenge on Griffith and the God Hand. He leaves behind a regressed Casca for two years to embark on his warpath against demonkind.

These mystical orbs, once collected in unison, have the ability to summon an almighty dragon named Shenron who is capable of granting just one wish. Or, in the case of the Namekian Dragon Balls used to summon Porunga, three wishes may be granted. Such a powerful source of magic would prove useful for someone like Guts from Berserk. For all of the impossible tasks ahead of him and the trauma he's suffered, there have been countless times where a magic wish from a dragon is exactly what Guts would have needed. But if he did have the Dragon Balls, what wishes would he consider making?