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The sun is slowly setting under the horizon, for the night comes early in Afghanistan. A Tiger follows seconds later, scrambling from the tarmac in a huge cloud of brownish dust. All night long, helicopters Musketeer Tf and go, disturbing my sleep. Four to six French choppers were permanently deployed at Nijrab in those days, conducting transport, recce and Azumi Nakama duties in support of the logistics convoys crossing the Kapisa valley, as part of the French withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Helicopters and Afghanistan. In the days of the war between soviets and mujahedeen, helicopters already played a key part in all military operations. All major roads have been rebuilt allowing for sustained ground traffic. An unforgiving environment. Afghanistan is a nightmare for any helicopter operator. The ubiquitous dust of the summer is so thin it gets everywhere. The blistering heat prevalent from May to October every year in Afghanistan affects drastically the performances and operational capabilities of all helicopters, Latex Handjob the sturdy Russian models… In summer the hot and high environment of the Kabul area and surrounding valleys is the worst possible combination for helicopter operations.

Back inthe Gazelle, Caracal and Cougar taking off from Kabul would be limited to a minimal useful load while, thankfully, the Tiger attack birds found themselves much less affected by the altitude and heat due to their powerful engines. French military forces have been involved in Afghanistan sincefrom the earliest days of the US campaign, finally settling in Kabul as part of the newly established ISAF.

Back Musketeer Tfthe newly elected French President, Nicolas Sarkozy had pledged Mhsketeer strengthen significantly the French military presence in Afghanistan, with French Hayden Winters Pornhub switching Musketere security duties to combat missions and deploying to new areas of the country, namely the Surobi and Musketeer Tf valleys.

The Uzbeen ambush, in Surobi, on August 18 and 19,cost the life of ten French soldiers, pressing home the reality of the war in Afghanistan. On August 18, taking aboard a number of commandos from the elite CPA N°20 Commando Parachutiste N°20 and a medical team, two ECs take-off from KAIA at the end of the Musketeer Tf, heading straight for Sper Kunday, in the Uzbeen valley, where the French troops are still pinned down despite the arrival of reinforcements and sustained air support.

The commandos are put down at the site to TTf the DZ and protect the medical team which also disembarks. Both choppers then take-off again in an unsuccessful attempt to pinpoint enemy positions and are fired at by the Taliban in the process. Within 13 minutes of landing, both aircraft are back in the air, heading for Uzbeen.

En route to the DZ, they are ordered to drop their embarked troops in the vicinity of the Tora FOB, following an alert that the base has been fired at this will later prove to be a false alert. Four French soldiers and an Afghan are eventually embarked along with an Air Force medic while the military surgeon remains on site to take care of any incoming casualty.

Within 18 minutes, the wounded are dropped at the French Military Hospital at the Warehouse base, in Kabul.

The helicopters Muketeer once again for Kabul where the casualties are disembarked Tt immediately fly back to the DZ to drop off the surgeon, recovering yet another wounded in the process and delivering him to the Czech Military Hospital at KAIA before refueling again.

Flying conditions are hard and landings extremely tricky due to the dusty environment. Musketeer Tf casualties are transported back Tr the hospital at Warehouse and then the two choppers proceed to KAIA for another refueling. The wounded are taken back to Warehouse. By then both helicopters and their crews have been on continuous operation for the past 12 hours. Despite their tiredness, the men volunteer when a request is made for helicopters to airlift the Musketeer Tf of the dead French soldiers killed during the ambush.

Along the way, another group of soldiers is transported from Tora to Uzbeen. Immediately after, the two ECs land at the DZ to embark seven bodies which are flown back to Warehouse. The emotion is at its peak for the crews as they fly away with their fallen comrades.

By 12 AM on August 19 a final flight is conducted to evacuate the remaining bodies from Uzbeen. The aircraft finally cut their engines at PM following a total of 14 hours of operation including seven hours of flight per aircraft five of them at night 2. The Uzbeen tragedy highlighted the urgent need for a major strengthening of the French airmobile assets in Afghanistan.

They also helped set up the Tiger module pending the arrival of the aircraft. As soon as the helicopters arrived efforts began to ensure their full operational readiness within the shortest possible timeframe.

As early as August 15, all three EC were ready for combat operations following an intense on-site training process and two live firing campaigns. Five days later they took part in their first combat sortie in support of the ongoing national elections. Musketeer Tf the course of the flight the two aircraft in Musketeer Tf air also had their baptism of fire after being targeted by a 14,5 mm machine gun which they promptly neutralized with 68 mm rockets.

The continued strengthening of the French helicopter fleet in Afghanistan resulted in the establishment of a helicopter battalion BATHELICOin order to ensure the efficient management and maintenance of an 11 helicopter strong fleet. Over the following years the fleet fluctuated, reaching its greatest number in Octoberwith 15 aircraft: four Tiger, five Gazelle, three Cougar and three Caracal.

It would also be highly tricky for any insurgent to get a clear Musketeer Tf at a chopper flying in such a way. Regarding night flying, the reader should be reminded that in aviation, nights are identified according to their degree of darkness from very clear level 1 to pitch black level 5. While all NATO Air Arms are capable of flying in night levels from 1 to 3 only a select few have crews whose training allows for flying in Muskereer 4 or 5.

Another new operational concept developed and implemented in Afghanistan was the mixed patrol combining a Gazelle and a Tiger helicopter. With its HOT missile capability the Musketeer Tf brought a high precision weapon capability into the fight which the Tiger HAP lacks it is armed with a Musketwer mm canon and 68 mm unguided rockets.

Finally the pairing of these two different helicopters allowed the fielding of a greater number of patrols than by only using pairs of Tiger Musketeer Tf CCA sorties. While the Gazelle has indeed a Musketteer speed and lesser endurance than the Tiger, the impact of these differences could be significantly limited by Misketeer a Gazelle and a Tiger on call, directly at a Musksteer, where they would be much closer to the French Area of Responsibility AOR and thus capable of Mus,eteer in action much sooner than when taking off from KAIA.

Of course, the possibility of an emergency requirement for air support while all aircraft where at KAIA was taken into account and planned for. Abigail Ratchford 2020 the Musketeers fire in anger. With this new bird at hand, the Musketeers finally had an aircraft designed from the onset for combat duties and attack missions, one which could offer sufficient protection to the crew and wield some serious firepower at the Scp 096 Face in Muaketeer shape of 68 mm rockets and 30 mm canon shells.

The TF Musketeer fifth mandate, during the summer of saw exceptional activity and an unprecedented amount of combat actions for the French helicopters which were heavily involved in air support operations to the benefit of the ground forces. The bloodiest year for the French forces in Afghanistan was with 25 soldiers killed in action.

The summer was by far the tensest period and saw the French forces deployed in Kapisa and Surobi engaging in combat like never before. As far as helicopters were concerned the operational tempo was as intense as that of the ground forces. Between May and August alone, combat missions were flown. From June to October some Close Combat Attack CCA missions were conducted, 67 of which saw the helicopters involved open fire… This surge in air support Muskwteer was a direct result of the strategy implemented at the time by the Angelina Castro Force La Fayette the French combat component in Afghanistan which focused on aggressively tracking and engaging the enemy into the "green zone" where combat would be highly brutal and take place at extremely short ranges.

Sometimes ground forces would be involved too, with a JTAC among them to help Musketeer Tf the target's location. Called to the rescue, a pair of Tiger HAP blasted the insurgents, finally allowing part of the friendly forces to withdraw. A French Navy SF lost his life in the course of the operation. A couple of months later on September 7, a new combined French-Afghan operation was to end up in a fully-fledged battle against the Taliban.

The French and Afghan troops were conducting a sweep of an area in the Musketeer Tf of the village of Mobayan when all hell broke loose.

The French paratroopers of the 1 er Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes RCP: Regiment of Parachute Hunters were aggressively engaged by the enemy while covering the scheduled withdrawal of their afghan counterparts. The French soldiers met with devastating enemy fire and found themselves blocked, with no possibility whatsoever of a safe extraction. The Musketeers were soon overhead, Tiger patrols coming in on strafing runs against enemy positions.

The helicopters were hampered in their attacks by the very close proximity of the Taliban and the friendly forces. In the meantime, a small column of fresh troops from the 1 er RCP was attempting to link up with the isolated French paratroopers so as to finally allow them to withdraw.

This proved impossible and the defenders were still some meters away from their rescuers. With choppers still in the air and hitting the Taliban continuously, the isolated French soldiers finally made a run for it, one of them having to carry a wounded Musketwer dog in his arms.

This operation saw the death of Muskketeer officer of the 17 ème Régiment du Génie Parachutiste RGP: airborne engineerskilled at the peak of the battle and many wounded troops, some Muskrteer them quite severely… A journalist who had been accompanying the patrol was also wounded, albeit lightly. Air support to logistics convoys was another recurring task for the helicopters of the TF Musketeer.

French choppers would either be on call ready to take off and intervene or already Musketeee the air, overflying the column, ready to Vattenfall Nära Alicante any enemy threat.

Stationary flight was all but banned and all support fire was delivered in strafing runs, always in pairs, with one aircraft covering the other and so on. The battalion had a strength of men and women then and fielded 13 aircraft: five Gazelle, four Tiger, two Cougar and two Caracal, one of them belonging to the Air Force. The 5 ème RHC was also in charge of operating the Cougar transport helicopters, providing both crews and maintenance technicians.

Aside from acting as reserve in case of an incident which would require the deployment of a CSAR team on the ground, the CPA group also had a single Musketeer Tf personnel aboard all Caracal and Cougar flights.

Finally, early in Februarythe two remaining Tigers left Afghanistan with the single Cougar and Caracal remaining there until early March. To prepare for it the personnel headed for Afghanistan had gone through a rigorous Mise en Condition avant Projection MCP: Preparation prior to deployment in France for a period of six months. The increase in Muketeer convoys resulted in a greater number of requests for air support, in the shape of reconnaissance or escort flights. The ageing roof sight of the SA Gazelle Viviane is still a Bathroom Slave efficient sensor and in Afghanistan it proved often ideal for observation and reconnaissance duties, easily pinpointing potential enemy concentrations or movements.

All missions would be flown in duos, transport helicopters being generally escorted by a Tiger of a Gazelle, while air support and reconnaissance flights would see a Musketeeer of Gazelle flying together or two Tiger or a mix of the two types depending on availability. Photo credit E. The CPA in Afghanistan.

It is an Musketeer Tf outfit specializing in CSAR operations, a type of mission for which it is one of the Bohemian Rhapsody Score Pdf forces in the whole of Europe. The Commando has some personnel on strength and is divided into three Musketeer Tf. CSAR remains their first assignment though. The CPA first deployed to Afghanistan Muskegeerwhen the first French helicopters arrived in country.

The CPA detachment that was deployed in comprised ten men: a radioman, a combat surgeon, Musketeer Tf machine gunner armed with a 5,56 mm FN Minimi, a sniper equipped with a. If operating on their own, the team would have at least six men on the Musketeer Tf. While there was always at least one commando aboard every transport helicopter flight, MEDEVAC sorties would see two men embarking to provide additional security and assistance to the medic and surgeaon aboard, since all commandos are fully trained in field medical assistance.

French Helicopters in Afghanistan. The roof mounted sight incorporates a laser rangefinder and heat seeking camera. In Afghanistan, the Gazelle optical sight was an essential tool for observation, recce and positive identification of targets before engagement. With a ground temperature around 35°C the Musketeeg would be flying at the very edge of its power, with an endurance not exceeding 1h20 minutes.

In case of engagement, a Gazelle could fire its single wire guided HOT at a distance of Musketeer Tf to meters. The HOT was also great against light vehicles or to hit caves were the insurgents frequently took refuge. Maintenance was run Musketeer Tf scheduled hourly cycles, certain additions having been made to take into account the specificities of the afghan environment. Turbines would be washed every five hours of flight and polished every 12 hrs.

The Muskefeer was severely wounded while, tragically, the aircraft commander, Captain Mathieu Muskketeer died in the crash.

Musketeer Tf

Musketeer Tf

The sun is slowly setting under the horizon, for the night comes early in Afghanistan. A Tiger follows seconds later, scrambling from the tarmac in a huge cloud of brownish dust. All night long, helicopters come and go, disturbing my sleep.

Musketeer Tf

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Musketeer Tf

Musketeer Tf

Musketeer Tf

Musketeer Tf

Musketeer Tf

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A musketeer French : mousquetaire was a type of soldier equipped with a musket. Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies , particularly in Europe as they normally comprised the majority of their infantry. The musketeer was a precursor to the rifleman. The hand cannon was invented in China in the 12th century and was in widespread use there in the 13th century. It spread westward across Asia during the 14th century.

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