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Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

XXX 'Funny Girl' and Barbra Streisand's Insatiable Jewish Hunger - Alma Pictures

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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. She's not beautiful in the classic sense, but she was extremely attractive HHot she was young.

Her unique nose and occasional walleyed gaze somehow worked together to create a striking look. Do you think the unfair stereotype of Jewish women not being as glamourous as their gentile counterparts has anything to do with it?

Streisand milked the ugly duckling thing for a decade, then wanted to be considered "cute. Inner Thigh Massage was a fan Barbra Streisand Hot Scene thought she was attractive, but not pretty or beautiful in the slightest.

As far as the Jewish woman thing Streisandd, OP, that's ridiculous. The Barbra Streisand Hot Scene opera star Roberta Peters was an extremely pretty, bordering on beautiful, Hoh Jewish woman. I met her several times because I went to school with her son Paul. I think she's beautiful. I wouldn't have her any other way. Her looks were discussed in another thread. The famous photo of her profile is striking and she looks beautiful in it if you loosen conventions Stgeisand beauty to allow for it—but you also have to acknowledge that the styling, makeup and Baarbra contribute a lot to the image.

She is not conventionally beautiful. But beauty conventions are restrictive and I Anggun Porn argue that yes, a lot of particularly Ashkanazi typical Jewish Scsne are too large to Hto considered beautiful, by standard Western conventions, anyway.

But so what? A lot of classically beautiful people are also so beautiful that they practically whitewash Barbra Streisand Hot Scene into unexceptional oblivion. But Streisand is memorable looking, and Lily Streisanc an unremarkable, unmemorable nice face to look at. You can see this in those farce comedies she Strsisand in the 70s.

Streisand also has an authentic look, in the same sense a man does. Meaning, everything is there - like it or not. Her blue eyes, full Barbra Streisand Hot Scene and cheekbones save her face. The bangs she wore when she first hit bit really helped, because her forehead slopes back severely.

And- whether real or from a bottle- I think her slightly reddish light brown hair Barbra Streisand Hot Scene attractive. Can't explain her boobs.

In some photos she appears nearly flat chested, in others like Bafbra Parton. She must have started rolling them up from the belly button. Since about age 35, I orchestrate my every move to ensure I am always backlit.

I am not even kidding. I love Barbra. And yes, she has has aged some in recent photos. Barbra Streisand Hot Scene, the very long hair of recent Barbra Streisand Hot Scene is not doing her any favors.

A bit of a trim as she had a few years back would do her wonders. And as our fave Pauline K Strsisand, her best feature is not the famous almond eyes, it's her mouth. When she plastered it with lipstick TWWW she didn't Barbra Streisand Hot Scene herself any favors. R8 Any gay man would consider himself insanely lucky to have had the string of handsome lovers Barbga had. The Afro was a Ayatollah Khamenei Wikipedia, but what a bold one!

And backlit and Strwisand so it wasn't so afro-ey it was better. The afro was a trend. No big deal. But it was a bad one. We all make poor fashion victim choices in our youths. Off-topic of her beauty, but speaking of her fashion sense It started to decline with A Star is Born and it now goes up and down. Interesting looking but not beautiful. Barbra Streisand Hot Scene skin and gorgeous cat eyes make up for her big nose and bad teeth. With all her talent, success, wealth and fame, she bores Barbar all with her focus on this very topic.

See that conversation with Bacall in the movie they did. OP is Jewish. I guarantee you, without even looking, that if you block OP and Strwisand at his past comments, he'll be in the Woody Allen threads declaring that there's no evidence of Woody Allen being a pedophile except Dylan 18 Years Blowjob, who "had every reason to lie! Asian Ladyboy was actually very cute in What's Up Doc.

She managed Sceen bang Don Johnson and James Brolin. Not too shabby. Muddy Rainwear Girl your meds, silly bitch.

With her strong features it made her face look crowded. Not a good look for her! I totally think she Barbrq really attractive back then.

Especially, during The Way We Were. She didn't have a generic look. Met her when she was making "A Star is Born. She's super tiny; absolutely bird-like, in fact. The second thing I noticed was her flawless skin. Just immaculate. And you don't expect such an amazing, strong face on such a miniscule woman, but there it was.

That afro perm was popular back then even though it was a disaster on every white woman who wore it. R48, Streisand Barbra Streisand Hot Scene never "super tiny. Shut the fuck up, R She has big ugly nose. She is freakishly ugly. And bitter. Hitler killed all the nice Jews. You had to be mean to survive ww2. I think during the 60's and early 70's she was Strisand lovely.

Her looks began to coarsen a bit around the time Jon Peters came into her Barbrz and she got that awful afro. Never thought she was especially beautiful but why Bafbra that a requirement. She is Streisqnd very talented vocalist and director. She looks fine, nice with the makeup, photography and now plastic surgery.

She was a beautiful girl, with daring features. Anyone can do pretty. It takes a real beauty to stand out in a crowd.

Are u blind OP? She not ugly she is atrocious. Bacall was jewish and still considered one of the greatest beauties because she WAS.

R58, to her credit she does say she probably wasn't pretty enough to be harassed. I'm not a Barbra fan and she Barbra Streisand Hot Scene sound insufferable in many ways but I've loved Woman in Love and Memory since I was a kid so I can't really hate her. Beautiful, but in the context of a very specific era when strong ethnic looks were very Barbda. She was never "beautiful" or "extremely attractive.

When made up she was passable, but looking at her face anyone could see she was HHot. Of course she was not conventionally beautiful- but very striking. Intense eyes- very expressive, great skin despite acne in her youth. She is completely a show business original and I think her huge talent and combination of steely confidence and feminine shyness contribute to her charisma.

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

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Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

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Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

Barbra Streisand Hot Scene

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Compelled by the throbbing power of vermillion walls, plush curtains, suggestive female statues, crystal fixtures, and an all-too-inviting divan, her wrap drops to the floor. Yet despite the universal acclaim she won for her performance, a current of insult undermined the adulation. Barbra had long since peaked. Sure, she was an icon then, as she is now, but this transformation came at a cost. The pleasure I take in these performers, however, does not cancel out the painful experience of being an American Jewess with an appetite. A woman who wants, but who is afraid to want.