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Started by LaraGreenbridgeSeptember 4, Mooji Scandal September 4, edited. I joined this forum specifically to share an experience that I recently had. Unfortunately my disturbing experience involves the popular internet guru Mooji. Weeks ago, I began watching Mooji videos on YouTube. I was feeling a bit down and lonely at the time, for reasons I don't need to go into.

I consider myself a spiritual person; I've even studied Zen Buddhism briefly with a Buddhist nun, many years ago. I find Buddhist teachings very inspiring. To this day, I enjoy reading all kinds of spiritual texts, but especially Eastern philosophy. I also like to meditate, although I'm still a novice at it. I give you all this background information, as I don't want you to think that I'm generally skeptical of spirituality and spiritual teachers.

I'm open-minded. Well, to get to the point, I found Mooji's videos very, very relaxing. Perhaps too relaxing? Some of what he had to say seemed very profound. In fact, looking back, I don't understand why it seemed so profound, as there is very little difference in what Mooji teaches and what plenty of other spiritual teachers are saying. I won't get into a philosophical dissertation on non-dualism here, however. What disturbed me is that in one video, a young woman came up to the microphone during their "Satsungs" and began to say very jumbled, incoherent things.

It was painful to watch, because this woman was obviously mentally ill. She laughed manically and then she flounced away, back into the crowd.

I wondered why everyone there treated her behaviour as though it was 'normal'? Mooji just smiled and seemed very pleased. It was so damn odd. Being someone with some life experience if I do say so myselfI began to wonder why someone who was so obviously in need of psychiatric treatment would be allowed to remain at the ashram?

I mean, wouldn't she be a liability? She was young and pretty, so I became a bit suspicious. I went online and googled information pertaining to the Mooji group being a cult. It did not take me long to find many different complaints from people who had returned from that ashram with Hentai Anema problems.

Not only that, but there are plenty of allegations out there of 'psychological abuse', Mooji being a 'pathological narcissist', the group using coercion, 'brain-washing' and exploiting people for money, donations, whatever. The worst of it it was Mooji being accused of approaching different young women for sex, some of who are in very vulnerable positions, due to their unfortunate life circumstances, ie, they were reliant on the Mooji group for accommodation and meals and basically had nowhere else to go.

Ok, I know many of you will be thinking that these allegations are false, but there are so many allegations across different websites coming from different sources, using different Mooji Scandal, different wording, some from people who obviously speak English as a second language For every one of these stories to have no substance seems highly unlikely to me.

Posted September 4, Azzyland See Through I just gotta say there are some interesting things on reddit about Mooji, I had no idea the spiritual community could go off on such a deep tangent, thats a reality check for me.

Of course, it's very possible for it to be cult. But the fact is you don't know unless you've personally experienced it. People call Actualized. When you're dealing with large groups of people, there will also be some disgruntled and crazy ones who just make shit up and try to demonize because they get triggered by spiritual teachings.

I'm sure many people out there misunderstand Mooji. Then again, I would not be surprised if it turned out to be a cult. Both are possible. And, BTW, enlightenment and cults are not mutually exclusive. You can have two in one! It's a very popular formula. I think maybe you can't grasp what a mental disorder means. If the girl was "mentally ill", she was probably passing through a mystical experience what some people call psychosis.

That's probably why Mooji didn't make a fuss about it. Don't trust Mooji Scandal much on the psychiatric system. Psychiatrists have a very Orange paradigm and they can't understand entirely what a mental disorder is. Take a look at Sean Blackwell's videos in order to understand psychosis better. He even talks about Spiral Dynamics. You may also take a look at other books about mental Nude Girls Changing Clothes like Rethinking Madness by Paris Mooji Scandal.

Maybe Ken Wilber is right. A person during psychosis may not get out of fear and her non-dual realization may come with dellusions and paranoia. These people need a very compassionate and present person to help them pass through this process which can be very transformative.

But, again, the psychiatric system can be very, but very traumatizing. Gurus sleeping with their students does become corrupt and problematic. Especially if they do so frivolously. I think maybe spiritual communities need to start to address this issues and account for these facts - maybe employ trained therapists to help during times of personal crisis.

A satsang of hundreds of people is very impersonal I know enlightenment is impersonal but there is still problem of integrating spiritual experience properly. According to one of my therapists, there are already spiritual communities that address these issues. Once I read about one in USA that treats people in psychosis even people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

But we probably won't see many of these communities here in the Western civilization. Soteria houses may not Creampie School considered a spiritual community, but they generally accept the spiritual and emotional side of psychosis.

Open Dialogue works this way as well. Krishna is considered as greatest Belle Delphine Uncensored of God in India.

He had relation Mooji Scandal many women. But if you don't see how damaging this could be for student then there might be something "wrong" with you! Sex is a thing of nature, once you have super consciousness you have no desire for sex. Like if you destroy the sensitive eroticism that already is integrated in your awareness by having physical sex. This is very important to understand. Tantra is the natural way to God, it is not about lust. The tantric sex act is basically, diametrically opposite and different.

The ordinary sexual orgasm looks like madness, the tantric orgasm is a deep, relaxing meditation. Tantra techniques cannot be used with the woman you love, because love will be a disturbance.

You will be too attached. Yes, tantra is basically a good old jerk off! Thank you so much to all those who replied to this post. As I said, I am talking about allegationsin regards to the spiritual guru Mooji. There is no way to prove or disprove these allegations, for now.

They remain allegations which are out there in the public domain for anyone who cares to research this topic. As for myself, I have spent a lot of time looking into this; mainly because I felt personally duped by Mooji, having watched hours of his material online.

I would like to re-post one comment that I found on www. Am I allowed to do this? Please delete this if it's not allowed. It is from a discussion entitled "Mooji a Cult? Mooji is a straight up conman in the worst sense praying on the desperate and vulnerable.

This happened over a year ago over the span of months or so. I was having a rough time with money and having a home and I ended up at a Mooji talk in London.

At this point in your life, anything free is a blessing. I wasn't the only one in this situation, there were a few of us that were given food, shelter and in exchange for an 'open mind'. I was thankful for this - much better than the streets and you don't mind Subaru Atv 450cc the time with hearing someone speak.

We went along to hear him talk to Mooji Scandal masses and it was quite inspirational and this went on for Mooji Scandal while with us 'following him' I started seeing some females who I met in similar situations as me who would have 'private talks' with Mooji and come out of rooms looking detached and something bubbling below. I had a friend, let's call her 'Sarah'. Whenever I asked Sarah what happened, she would put on a fake smile and spout that life is beautiful we have to believe.

This wasn't the real them and it bugged me that something wasn't right. Mooji never really invited me privately in but his crew spoke to me a lot about 'giving myself' to them whatever that meant, submitting for the higher good and belief.

It was wishy washy to pinpoint what I was supposed to believe but the sheer force of belief coming from the crew made me didn't want to question this for fear of being thrown out on the streets.

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

Started by LaraGreenbridge , September 4, Posted September 4, edited. I joined this forum specifically to share an experience that I recently had.

Mooji Scandal

14/06/ · Before we get into the criticisms and allegations about Mooji, here are some facts about him: There have been TWO suicides at his Ashrams. . so much for the “field of Grace” he supposedly emanates. Here is another fact: He is a self-appointed Gur.

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

Mooji Scandal

23/12/ · Mooji is from a of teachers that teach ‘Advaita Vedanta’. This path teaches the method of ‘Self-Enquiry’ as a way to turn our attention to face the source of our being. This method is said to have the potential of bringing us to the realisation of our essential nature in a very direct sozumona.netted Reading Time: 5 mins.